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Water Safety Products

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  • 100N Life Jacket

    100N Life Jacket

    100 Newton fixed buoyancy Buoyancy Aid with flotation collar and leg straps. Thigh straps and a signal whistle are included as standard. Lifejacket is soft, pliable and easy to wear over long periods. Fixed buoyancy that is built in. Conforms...

  • 24" Life Buoy Ring

    24" Life Buoy Ring

    Life Buoy 24 inch Ring Outside Diameter 57cm Weight 1.8kg Has 'Grab lines and Class 1 'Retro-reflective Bands' PU Foam filled. Buoyancy 80 Newtons Complies RNLI guide

  • 30M Orange Floating Line

    30M Orange Floating Line

    Polyethylene Orange Lifeline 30 Metre, 8mm Diameter Rope. Orange is easily detected in water. Light, waterproof and will not shrink in water. Conforms to MED/ SOLAS